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Article and Press Releases
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automag .44 auto mag jacketed bullet loading data
AUTO MAG .44 Auto Mag Jacketed Bullet Loading Data
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TRUE Magazine - Guns to Live With
TRUE Magazine Article - "Guns to Live With"
March 1972
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Trial by Fire - article
Original Ad
"Trial by Fire"
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First National Handgun ChampionshipsFirst National Handgun Championships
Metallic Silhouette
September 1975
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automag parts - dimensions for forming .357 from .44 cases
Dimensions for Forming .357 AMP Brass from .44 AMP Cases
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automag - press release

Press Release
"Total Power"

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Lee Jurras Brochure - AUTO MAG
Lee Jurras Brochure
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AutoMag - Lee Jurras Brochure
Lee Jurras Brochure

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Guns & AmmoGuns & Ammo
March 1970
"The All-New .44 Magnum Auto"
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Gun World - reloading the .44 Auto MagGun World
November 1971
"Reloading the .44 AUTO MAG"
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Diana Armi - .44 Auto Mag
Diana Armi

".44 Auto Mag"
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Gun World articleGun World
June 1971
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